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Street View


Traces of Time

When creating this project I decided to take a step back from the noisy and crowded Athenas street, by viewing it with a bird’s- eye view via Google earth map. 

I was not surprised to discover an equal ‘noisy’ amalgamation of buildings and rooftops.

I had to make a choice so assembled an urban area suspended between reality and fantasy.


By mapping from above selected buildings, old and new, squares and sidewalks I tried to compose documentary images made out of observation not only of the past but of the contemporary reality, presenting a collage of the area challenged by new visions, inquiring the relationship between space and identity.

Roofs covering the top of the buildings have been constructed in a wide variety of forms -flats or sloping- serving to protect against rain, wind, snow etc.

In the same time roofs offer security for birds to rest or make their nests and we could say roofs are a safe haven for birds!!!!!!

ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK, Popeye Loves Olive Gallery, Nov.2020

Athenas street
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