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Yiota Vogli 


Yiota Vogli is a visual artist based in Athens, Greece (PhD & MFA Belgrade University of Fine Arts, Serbia /BFA Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece). 

She has extensive experience as an Art teacher in Secondary Education and Specialized Metal Smithing and Jewelry design Public School.

She is the co-author of ‘Jewelry Design’, 2002 and ‘Jewelry & Object Design’, 2004 books, published for the Greek Ministry of Education. 

Jewelry Exhibitions

2023    Anatomy of Decisions, Beita gallery, Jerusalem, Israel, 23Jun-25Jul

              DNA by Alliages, Espace Solidor Museum of Contemporary Jewelry, Cagnes Sur Mer, France, 10Jun-5Nov

              Bee, Embellishing the Myth, Hellenic Cosmos, Athens, Greece, 12Jun-15Sept

              History of Revolutions, Lalaounis Museum, Athens, Greece,  7 June-13Oct

              Jewelry & Literature, Lerverk gallery, Gothenburg, Sweeden, 13May-3June

              Devotional Jewelry, agc members, Melting Point, Banos del Almirante, Valencia, Spain, 27-30Apr

              Missing Memories, by Alliages, Melting Point, Valencia, Spain, 27-30Apr

              Missing Memories, by Alliages, Munich Jewelry Week, Werkstatt galerie, 8-22Mar

              Battle of the Pins, Precious Collective, Munich Jewelry Week, Schulstrasse 27, 9-11Mar

2022    Battle of the Pins, Precious Collective, Alliages, Lille, France, 26Nov-7Jan23

              Fermento Christmas, archivionegroni, Milan, Italy 18Dec

              Jewelry & Literature, Tincal Lab gallery, Porto, Portugal, 12Nov

              Arte i Vino, Gioielli In Fermento , Assemblea Legislativa, Bologna, Italy, 6Oct

              Romanian Jewelry Week, National Library, Bucharest, 5-9 Oct  Award  for Experimentation & Innovation

              Devotional Jewelry, Oratorio San Rocco, Padua, Italy, 25Nov-16Feb

              AGCpunto 22, Museo di Storia Naturale del Mediterraneo, Livorno, Italy, 4-12June

              Roots, 10years Anamma studio, Atopos CVC, Athens, Greece, 11-15May

              Until Death do us Part, Brussels Jewellery Week, Syntra Brussel, Belgium, curated by Alliages, 30Apr-1May

              Gioielli in Fermento , Oratorio San Rocco, Padua, Italy, 2April-15May 

              Beauty & Wonder, Tincallab, Porto, Portugal, 19March-27April

              Squares, Universus Gallery, Athens, Greece, 3-30 March

2021     Until Death Do Us Part, Alliages gallery, Lille, France, 19Dec21- 12Feb22 

               Beauty & Wonder, Lalabeyou gallery, Madrid, Spain, 12Nov.- 15Dec

               Rome Jewelry Week, AGC selected members, Alternatives Gallery, Rome, Italy, 12-16 Oct

               Painful Hope' by Alliages,  Lalabeyou Gallery, Madrid , Spain, 8Oct-11 Nov

               Be Connected by Krama Inst., Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, Athens, Greece, 20 Sept- 8 Oct

               Beauty & Wonder, Galerie Caractere, Nuchatel, Swiss

               Beauty & Wonder, Context Gallery, Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona, Spain , 22 May-3 July

               Confluenze Festival, Gioielli in Fermento selected works, Cantina Storica, Municipio di Ziano, 6-8 Aug

               Gioielli in Fermento awards, part II, Villa Braghieri, Emilia Romagna, Italy

2020    'Painful Hope', Alliages Gallery, Lille, France, 12 Dec. -13 Feb. 2021

               ‘Street View’, by Popeye Loves Olive, Athens Jewelry Week, 10-15 Nov. Virtual

               'Broken Beauty’, Athens Jewelry Week, curated by Alliages, Virtual

               ‘Broken Beauty’, by Alliages, Lalabeyou gallery, Madrid, Spain, Virtual

               ‘Growth & Evolution’, Royal Venus Hotel, Beijing Jewelry Week, China

               ‘Connections/Connessioni’, The Lighthouse, Glasgow, 19 Feb.

               'Growth & Evolution', Royal Venus Hotel, Kunming, China, 14 Feb.

2019     'Broken Beauty’, Alliages gallery, Lille, France 14 Dec- 15 Feb. 2020

               NYC Jewelry Week, Charon Kransen Arts, NYC, USA

               ‘Gioielli in Fermento’, Palazzo Farnese, Piacenza, Italy 17-23-24 Nov.

               ‘Connections/Connessioni, The Goldsmiths’ Centre, London, UK 7 Nov-3 Jan.

               SOFA CHICAGO, Charon Kransen Arts, Chicago, USA

               ‘Heart Failure’, by Alliages, Lalabeyou, Madrid, Spain 25 Oct.-21Nov.

               JOYA BERCELONA Art Jewelry & Objects Fair, 2019, 9-12 Oct., 

               ‘Gioielli in Fermento’, Museo di Storia Naturale del Mediterraneo, Livorno, Italy 

               ‘Unveiled Sentiments’, solo exhibition, TAF, Athens Jewelry Week 

               ‘Heart Failure’, by Alliages, Boo, Athens Jewelry Week 

               ‘The Legacy Award’, Museum Espace Solidor, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France

               GIOIELLI IN FERMENTO Awards, Villa Braghieri, Emilia Romagna, Italy

             '  Aria di Primavera, The Dinner,curated by  Eliana Negroni/Gioielli in Fermento,  Ocana, Barcelona, Spain

               International Handwerksmesse Munich, stand B1.759, JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects

               'HEART FAILURE', Alliages,Werkstatt Gallerie, Munich Jewelry Week, #84 map event, Germany

                π3, Metropolitan Expo Athens, Greece


2018      'HEART FAILURE', Alliages Gallery, Lillle, France

                'From Afar', Charon Kransen Arts,NYC JEWELRY WEEK

                'Anonymous Brooklyn' Brooklyn Metal Works

                CHAOS IN SPAIN by Alliages gallery, Lalabeyou Gallery, Madrid 

                CHAOS IN SPAIN by Alliages gallery, La Galleler Gallery, Sevilla 

                JOYA BARCELONA Jewelry Fair

                TRIPLE PARADE BIENNIAL of Contemporary Jewelry, HOW ART Museum, Shanghai, China

                Collectiva Meeting, Porto, Portugal 

                Gioielli in Fermento, Oratorio S. Rocco, Padova

                'Un Bel Panorama', Gioielli in  Fermento, , Putti Art Gallery, Riga, Latvia

                'Gioielli in Fermento Awards', Villa Braghieri, Emilia Romagna, Italy

                'A Flor de Pell', 66 Mistral Gallery, Barcelona

                ‘The After Joya Effect 5’, Popeye Loves Olive, Athens, Greece 

                ‘Intersecting Spaces’, ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK, Benaki Museum

                Collection Marianne Gassier, Melting Point, Spain 

               'Chaos', Melting Point, Valencia, Spain

               'Hidden Curriculum, Melting Point, Valencia, Spain

               'Hidden Curriculum, Munich Jewellery Week, #60 curated by Popeye Loves Olive gallery

              'Chaos', Munich Jewellery  Week, #84 curated by Jorge Manilla & Juan Riusech

2017       ‘Chaos’, ALLIAGES, Lille, France

               ‘IndossArte’, D.d’arte Gallery, Rome, Italy

               FORM MIAMI, Charon Kransen Arts, Miami, USA

               SOFA CHICAGO, Charon Kransen Arts, Chicago, USA

               JOYA ART JEWELRY FAIR, Barcelona, Spain

               ‘Empreintes’ Alliages, Lalabeyou Gallery, Madrid, Spain

               ‘All That Matters’, solo, As Gallery-Agapi Smpokou, Heraklion ,Crete (July – August)

               ‘7 Artists for 7 days’, Myday-byday gallery, Rome, Italy (5 -16 June)

               ‘The After Joya Effect IV’, Popeye Loves Olive, Athens, Greece

               ‘Intersecting Spaces’, ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK, Benaki Museum, (May 18-21)

               ‘The Permanent’, ALLIAGES, Lille, France

               'Fuchsia Inspirations’, VJF, Vicenza, Italy  

2016        SOFA CHICAGO, Pistachios art gallery, Chicago, USA

                JOYA ART JEWELRY FAIR, Barcelona, Spain

               ‘Intersecting Spaces’, ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK, Athens

               ‘The After Joya Effect 3’, Popeye Loves Olive, Athens, Greece

               ‘Collection Marianne Gassier’, MELTING POINT Biennial, Valencia

               ‘The Legacy Award’, ALLIAGES, Lille, France

               ‘The Permanent’, ALLIAGES, Lille, France

               ‘Is That Jewelry?’,Galeria Alice Floriano, Porto Alegre, Brazil

2015       ‘Values’, As Gallery, Heraklion, Crete

               ‘Greek Designers’, Artbeat Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

               ‘Greek Design Meets Belgium’, Maison du Peuple, Brussels, Belgium

               JOYA ART JEWELRY FAIR, Barcelona, Spain

               ‘Is That Jewelry?’, Atopos Space, Anama Workshops annual exhibition

                Yearbook, Grupo Duplex Editions, Spain

2014        SIERAAD ART FAIR, International Jewellery Design Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands

               ‘I feel lucky’, As Gallery, Heraklion, Crete

               ‘Body Ornaments’- Solo exhibition, Old School Gallery, Paros

                Yearbook, Grupo Duplex Editions, Spain

                Sailing On- Trip II’, Craftit, Kifissia, Greece 24.5/29.6. Solo

               ‘Faces of Rebirth’, Actus Contemporary Jewellery, Athens, Greece

2013        M- Art Space, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece

               ‘Sailing On’ -Solo exhibition, Municipal Gallery of Mykonos, Greece

               ‘Terra Cotta’, POTTERY MUSEUM, Athens, Greece

2012       ‘White+’ Craftit Gallery, Kifisia Athens, Greece

               ‘Zefxis’ Art Estate Gallery, Chalandri Athens, Greece

                M- Art Space, Athens,Greece       


TAMAGIT , Barcelona, Spain Yiota Vogli- Artist on Tamagit: One-of-a-kind Art Jewelry & Objects

ALLIAGES, Lille, France Our exhibitions | Alliages - Contemporary Art Jewellery /

CHARON KRANSEN ARTS, New York, USA Charon Kransen Arts

 Gallery O, Seoul, Korea /  INTHEPENDANT Gallery, Porto, Portugal /   Le Departement_ Showroom, Barcelona

MyDaybyDay, Rome, Italy/ AS GALLERY/AGAPI SMPOKOU, Greece/ Popeye Loves Olive, Athens, Greece  

UNI.VERSUS gallery, Athens, Greece


 Klimt02 ,   

 AGC, Association of Contemporary Jewelry,

 Precious Collective, Greece - PRECIOUS COLLECTIVE


​2023 Rivets & Cold Connections with Judy McCaig, 3-5Feb, Anamma workshop

2019 5days seminar with Maria Militsi,4-8 April, Anamma
2016 Finding my Way, 15-17 Jan., Lucia Massei, Anamma
2016 Developing your own script part II, Charon Kransen, Athens

2015 -16 Goldsmithing classes, Anastasia Kandaraki, Annama worshop 
2014 Developing your own script, 15-17 Oct., Charon Kransen, Athens
2015 From Wax to Jewelry, 27 March-1 Apr., Gabbi Veit, , Anamma
2014 Fusion, 7-9 March, Nicole Polentas-Christopher Earl Milbourne, Annama workshop
2014 Introducing to Jewelry, classes, Niki Stylianou, Craftit
2012-13 Ceramic & Porcelain jewelry, Dora Haralambaki, Craftit

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