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Our Fragile Life

2020 -23

 During the pandemic, creativity became, as always, my chosen way-out to maintain mental balance.

 Having just a few materials available at home, I started cutting, rolling and sticking masking tape pieces together. This became a calming meditative process which brought memories of a life so different compared to what we were suddenly forced to live in.

 Cutting, rolling, sticking together over and over again, turning like a story teller images, people, emotions, fear, anger, sadness and hope into colorful delicate fragile forms, supported by wired staidly structures, making jewelry stories about the desire and appreciation of simple moments in life.

National Library of Romania, Bucharest, ROMANIAN JEWELRY WEEK  5-9 Oct 2022

 AWARD for Experimentation and Innovation



 BATTLE of the PINS, Precious Collective in MUNICH JEWELRY WEEK 2023

ESPACE SOLIDOR MUSEUM, DNA by Alliages gallery, Cagnes Sur Mer 10/6-5/11/23

ANATOMY of DECISIONS,  Beita gallery, Jerusalem Israel 23/6-25/7 2023





4b. Yiota Vogli_brooch_seashore_2020_resin_masking tape_alpaca_brass_paint_stainless steel
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