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Games of the Mind

2020 -21

Focused on the ceiling, counting again and again the colorful wooden and metal tiles, trying to find some logic in their composition… The mind is empty, just numbers and shapes. It is cold down here…

They say time heals all wounds, that we learn more from pain than from pleasure. That we come out stronger from a fight and that only the scars on the body remain…  

Is recovering from a disease just about our body or about healing our mind? 

                                                                                                          Yiota Vogli


"Did I win or I am defeated? The only thing I know is this: I am full of wounds and still standing on my feet." -Nikos Kazantzakis


 BEAUTY AND WONDER, tour exhibition curated by Luis Acosta 

 CONTEXT gallery, Spain

 CARACTERE gallery, Switzerland

 TINCAL LAB gallery, Porto Portugal


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