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Shielded Sentiments / Unveiled Sentiments


Protecting our self physically is a pretty straight forward affair. Developing a keen awareness of our surroundings and habits that will avoid life-threatening situations is basic. Then there is having a plan of action when we are faced with a physical assault.

Protecting our self emotionally calls for more. Some people use to avoid uncomfortable situations by metaphorically ‘shielding their self’, and even though this mode of protection has become somewhat comfortable for them, the accompanying feelings of anger, anxiety, and repression are far from healthy.

By dismantling that wall of emotional protection, we’ll start building a healthy bridge to the people and situations that we truly want in our life!

Exhibited:  IHM Munich, JOYA Barcelona selected  artists, Munich Jewelry Week  2019  

                    The Art Foundation, solo exhibition, Athens  Jewelry Week 2019              

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